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Young Living Essential Oils #2303310

Day 12: NingXia Red

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The demand for real, sustainable health solutions has never been greater. Today’s fast-paced lifestyles are demanding more energy, while our convenient, processed foods are producing less. This energy crisis leaves us fatigued and vulnerable to sickness, disease, and rapid aging. Millions are turning to “quick-fix” options that further damage their long-term health.

• Fatigue is sometimes caused by adrenal exhaustion, excessive cortisol, and chronic diseases like obesity and diabetes.
• Increased illnesses cause adverse reactions that kill tens of thousands annually, create other serious side effects, form addictions, and suppress immunity, which leads to more illness.
• Mal-nourishment causes inflammatory chain reactions that damage cells, tissues, and eventually organs. This is the root cause of most chronic diseases.
• Premature aging depletes already low nutrients. Toxins stress the liver, causing permanent tissue damage and other serious side effects that demand more medication.
Ningxia Red provides a whole new approach to the modern health dilemma. It is natural, sustainable, and real. Ningxia Red’s unrivaled nutrient blend supplies your body what it truly needs.
• Energize cellular systems with vital essential sugars, powerful amino acids, and key trace minerals.
• Fortify defenses with a unique immune-optimizing blend complete with clinically proven wolfberry protein-polysaccharides.
• Replenish micro nutrient levels with complete amino acid, antioxidant, and vitamin and mineral profiles.
• Enhance longevity by combating destructive, age accelerating free-radicals with powerful antioxidant activity.

The time for Ningxia Red is now! We are convinced that when you start drinking Ningxia Red, you will feel the difference. When you share Ningxia Red with others, you will make a difference by meeting the surging demand for health products that really work. When you team up with Young Living and build a group of committed and caring individuals, amazing things will happen! This photo is our Ningxia Red Starter Kit. It features 2 bottles and 30 packets of Ningxia Red, a box of 14 Ningxia Nitro, and a membership to Young Living which includes a bottle of Stress Away.


I personally love drinking this straight from the bottle chilled from the refrigerator. To me it tastes like a tangy juice. I haven’t tried it mixed with anything as I like it straight. The recipe I have personally tried and it is really delicious, my kids even loved them!

12-NRNingxiaStarbucks-IGA yummy recipe to try:

Wolfberry and Cream Popsicles

Wolfberry and Cream Popsicles
• 4 oz NingXia Red drink
• 1 cup heavy cream or coconut milk
• 2 Tbsp powder coconut sugar* or equivalent liquid sweetener of choice (like stevia for low carb)
• 1/2 tsp pure vanilla extract
(add 1/3 cup of your favorite berry puree if desired!)

1. In a medium bowl, whisk the heavy cream/coconut milk, coconut sugar, and vanilla extract until combine.
2. Pour the NingXia Red evenly (about half way) into the popsicle molds.
3. Top with the cream/milk mixture until the mold is full.
4. Freeze for 15 minutes and then insert a popsicle stick into the middle of each mold.
5. Allow to freeze completely.
6. To unmold, running warm water along the outside of the molds and gentle remove the popsicle from the mold.

If you would like more information on any of Young Living’s products by all means shoot me an e-mail. If you have decided to make Young Living Essential Oils apart of your and/or your family’s life head here to sign up: My Oil Site. If you have any questions on how to sign up comment below or send me a message to my e-mail

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Joyous Oiler, The Use Of Essential Oils

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