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Essential Rewards Explained(ER)


Essential Rewards Explained

So you have gotten your kit and made a couple more orders. Now that you know you are going to use your Essential Oils regularly and want to get some additional Essential Oils. Or maybe you want to sign up for this right away. Here is a run down on what to do and what Essential Rewards is.

First off you can only sign up for Essential Rewards if you have a wholesale account(if you bought a Premium Starter Kit or any Kit you have a wholesale account/member account) You cannot sign up for this program with a Retail Account.

What are Essential Rewards?

Essential Rewards (ER) is an auto-ship program where you purchase 50 PV (PV actually stands for PERSONAL VOLUME, however, for this to make more sense, in this post I am referring to PV as product value or point value) every month. Usually, the Product Value is dollar for dollar in price value, but not always. Look at the PV of each product you are purchasing to make sure your PV (not necessarily amount spent) equals 50pv every month.

With the Essential Rewards program, you will earn points toward future product purchases. This program rewards you for every auto-ship purchase of 50pv or more. You are allowed ONE Essential Rewards auto-ship order per month, but can make as many Quick Orders as you wish. (Quick orders do not accumulate ER points. But they do count towards your overall total PGV and OGV for the month)

The example I have provided below is what my ER cart looks like right now. Obviously, I have more than the 50 PV requirement, so yours does not have to be this much, but I wanted to give you an idea of what multiple items in the cart look like, and how the PV vs. Dollar Amount Spent looks.ER WalkThrough00

Some interesting facts about ER

1. You can change the DATE and ORDER ITEMS each month. Every month. Want $100 worth of products delivered on the 4th one month and then $300 of products on the 16th the next? No problem.(There are some dates that are greyed out because Young Living doesn’t want you to order your products at certain times of the month)

2. Reduced Shipping(FedEx Reduced Ground ONLY). Yep. Lower shipping than placing a regular order. Hey, every little bit helps.

3. Money back! This is like how credit cards give you a certain percentage back you can earn toward free oils or other products of equal PV, money value! So if the PV is the same as the amount you pay, you can use your ER points towards that product!

4. Allowed one skip month every calendar year! You are allowed to skip one month per year if you need to(grace month). Just call into customer service and tell them you would like to use this month as your grace month! We all know life gets in the way sometimes, this is here to help you out!

5. Cancel at any time no penalties, I would suggest using all your earned ER points before calling in and canceling as those points will go away as soon as you cancel.

How do I earn points?

Each month on the Essential Rewards program gets you a certain amount of points – a percentage of what you purchase back in points that you can cash in at a later time to buy other wonderful Young Living products.

  • Earn 10% back months 1-3
  • Earn 20% back months 4-24
  • Earn 25% back months 25+

Loyalty gifts at months 3, 6, and 9

Exclusive Loyalty Oil Blend after  12 months on ER!


That can add up fairly quickly, especially if you are taking advantage of the monthly promos. Your points begin to accumulate as soon as your order ships, and you can view your ER points every time you log in to your Virtual Office under the Essential Rewards Tab.

How do I get an ER Account?

If you are just now joining Young Living, you can start on the ER auto-ship program right now! See how to join here, and then after selecting your Premium Starter Kit, below it you will see Essential Rewards. In addition to the Premium Starter Kit, you need to choose one of the Essential Rewards Kits and your auto-ship date. You can go in after this process of ordering and change your ER order and take the kit off if you want. Make sure you choose to ship your starter kit and ER separate to be able to do this.

If you are already a YL Wholesale Member, and want to join ER, you can sign up one of two ways. You do NOT have to purchase an Essential Rewards kit, ever, unless you want the products that come in them. {For example, the NingXia Red Essential Rewards kit is the absolute cheapest way to purchase NingXia Red.} If your account will not set up without one, add one, then add the products you want, and then delete the kit. It is as simple as 1, 2, 3!

  • Online through your Virtual Office: This is where you purchase your Young Living products. Simply log in to your account, click “Essential Rewards” in the left-hand column, and follow the instructions.
  • Or, call Young Living at 1-800-371-2928.

Here are step-by-step photo instructions for using your Essential Rewards account:

ER WalkThrough000

If you are setting this up for the first time Virtual Office will walk you through that process, just follow the steps accordingly, they have really made it simple and stream lined it.(The next time I have a new enrollment I will get a screen shot of the sign up process)

When your Essential Rewards is already set up this is what it will look like. You see the Accumulated Points Total, the amount of accumulation for this month and the following month, how long I have been doing Essential Rewards, my next order processing date, you can now also push your orders through faster with the Process Today(tab) you will be able to click this once the new month starts(I use this when I know that I have everything in my ER order I need and want so it gets processed faster, if you don’t press this you have until Midnight mountain standard time of the day you picked to change your ER order before it processes) How much your next ER is going to be, the shipping method picked and your payment information. At anytime you can go in and change all of this if need be.

ER WalkThrough01ER WalkThrough02ErWalkThrough03ERWalkThrough04ERWalkThrough05ERWalkThrough06ERWalkThrough07ERWalkThrough08These Essential Oils and Products are considered flammable and CANNOT be shipped via air or USPS Priority. When you add one of these items to your cart, it will often remove all shipping options but ground.

*Cistus #3518
*Cypress #3530
*Eucalyptus Blue #3597
*Frankincense #3548
*Galbanum #3551
*Myrtle #3596
*Nutmeg #3599
*Pine #3618
*Tsuga #3352
*Valerian #3648

*Grounding #3348
*Valor Roll-On #3529

*Twelve Oils of Ancient Scripture #3143
*Aroma Complete Kit #3100
*Everyday Oils Kit #3695
*Raindrop Technique Kit #3137
*Premium Starter Kit #4672
*Thieves Essential Rewards Pack #3697

*Thieves Waterless Hand Purifier #3621 and 3622
*Thieves Wipes #3756
* Thieves Spray #3265

ERWalkThrough09So as I was telling you up above, the greyed out dates are the ones you cannot choose. Young Living would like you to choose some time at the beginning of the month. I have personally found that if I have my ER order go through anywhere between the 4th to the 6th of the month my order gets to me quicker and there is better turn around time. That also gives you time to add things to your order so you could possibly qualify for the months Promotional Products! For the month of April 2015 here are the items you can earn with the certain amount of PV in your ER order. So this is like earning double or triple the free oils! This is why I love this company because there are many options on how to earn Free Essential Oils and Products!(You can also place a quick order and get these free products minus the Wintergreen Essential Oil, that oil is a reward for doing an ER order only)

>> To qualify for Promos you must reach the qualifying PV in a SINGLE order, you cannot combine several orders to qualify. You can earn the promos TWICE a month but only once through ER. So one ER order and a qualifying Quick Order.

April Promotions


And back to the beginning where you started:

ER WalkThrough01Now if you get a screen that looks like this, here is what you do(Explained in the photo):


Does my order have to be the same every month?

Nope! This is the beauty of the ER program. You can change what you order every single month. The only “minimum” you have to reach is 50 PV. There are NO other requirements at all! This is a fantastic way to build your oil supply and try new oils and products.

It is super-easy to change your orders each month. Simply log in to Virtual Office, click on Essential Rewards in the left-hand corner, click the little “Edit” button, the “Add Products” tab, and the “Add Products” or “Remove Products” button to get your cart just like you want it. When you are finished, click the “Save Essential Rewards” button at the bottom.

How do I redeem my points?

After two consecutive months in the program, you can redeem your points by going through your Virtual Office or calling Young Living Customer Support.





When redeeming your points, pay careful attention to the item or items’ POINT VALUE, not price. As I mentioned above, most oils and products have a dollar-for-dollar price-to-point amount, but not all. If you are wondering how much point value you have to “spend,” here is an example:

  • If you have 100 points in your account, you can redeem them for any product with a PV value up to 100 PV.(100pv=$100) Have to be equal. 50pv=$100(this will not work)
  • OR if you have 100 points in your account, you can redeem them for multiple products that have a TOTAL PV of up to 100.
  • All ER points redemption must be placed via “Quick Order”! You cannot use these on your Essential Rewards order.

When redeeming your points, please be aware that they do not cover tax or shipping.

I’ve decided I don’t want to do ER any longer. What happens now?

If you decide the ER program is not a good fit for you, that’s ok! Before you cancel, just make sure to cash in any accumulated ER points because once you cancel, they are gone. Use up those points, and then call Young Living customer service to cancel, with no penalties.

**Just a reminder you do not accumulate points unless you are set up through ER. If you make a Quick Order you will accumulate PV and such towards your Commissions but you will not be able to earn ER points that way. **

If you would like more information on any of Young Living’s products by all means shoot me an e-mail. If you have decided to make Young Living Essential Oils apart of your and/or your family’s life head here to sign up: Jennifer Hess #2303310. If you would like to place an order for just young living essential oils send me an e-mail and I can set you up.

Don’t forget to head over to my Facebook Page and give me a like! When I reach 100 Likes on the page I will be giving away a free Citrus Fresh Essential Oil! Thank you for reading my blog!
Joyous Oiler, The Use Of Essential Oils

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