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Young Living Essential Oils #2303310

Upper Respiratory System Roller


10 drops each: Mel A, Lemon, Purification, Thieves, 5 drops of Lavender – top the roller with Carrier Oil.
Apply: I roll it on my finger then rub my finger on (not in) and behind my ear. I have also been using this over my sinuses. Been helping with the congestion by opening up my nostrils.

I have been doing Saline as well along with warm washcloth compresses on my sinuses. It is helping to open my passages up. Today is a lot better than it has been. I am pretty much pulling out all stops to get rid of this junk. Remember when you are doing this to also drink lots of fluids to flush all this out of your system. You want to stay really hydrated to help your body rid itself of the problem.



I am not back to 100% yet but I am feeling a ton better than the day I wrote this post. I have also added a drop of Lavender and Frankincense Essential Oil with two to three drops of Jojoba oil. I just add this in my hand and then apply to my sinuses, and ears as well. My nose is starting to feel a lot better but my ears are still kind of clogged, but they are easier to pop now than they were when this all started. I am still using my roller as well, I use this more when I am going to be lying down to help my ears drain easier. I am still doing the warm compresses, just not nearly as much as the first two days, and I am still continuing to drink lots of water and fluids. I have also purchased a Netti Pot which I will be using once this clears up. I am hoping to use that to ward off future Sinus issues, as I get a lot of them when it is Allergy season. Which here in the West it has already begun because everything is in full bloom. My problem is more the flowering trees than the flowers on the ground.

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4 thoughts on “Upper Respiratory System Roller

  1. I love roller bottles! Makes it so much easier to apply the different blends that I come up with.

    Hope you feel better soon!


  2. I need to try this, as I too have had ear and sinus things going on too!


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